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How to Edit a Paper in Word


As a perfect student, you certainly seek excellence in every word. However, excellence never means writing something great at once, without editing and reviewing the initial draft. However, even excellence has its limits, and you may find it particularly difficult to manage multiple tasks and writing drafts.

How to edit a paper: great writing tips


When you are done with a draft of your paper, you will need to edit and proofread it. This does not seem like an easy task even for an experienced student. Just imagine how much time it will take to read everything you have written. Besides, you may not know how to edit an essay. Finally, you may not notice smaller mistakes and typos, since you have written it on your own and you may have a...



This blog post is meant to help you succeed in your college classes by sharing 25 essay writing tips to use as a college student. Grab your syllabus and laptop charger, it’s time to get writing! College is different than high school in a lot of ways. The biggest difference I’ve seen, as a current college sophomore, is how college assigns “homework” and “tests.” In high school, it seemed that I...

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