5 Ways to Improve Learning Skills


The ability to learn new things quickly is extremely valuable these days, whether we talk about education or career building. Have you ever noticed that one day you can grasp new information very quickly while the other day you cannot remember even the easiest things? The same can be observed with different types of information you are trying to remember, even if they are seemingly equal. It is...

How To Develop Your Study Skills [Infographic]


The ideal situation when it comes to studying is to aim for ‘working smarter, not harder’. While this can be easier said than done, there are a number of methods that can be applied and tips that can be taken on board to assist with developing a student’s study skills.

Infographic: 28 Skills of a Really Ready Student


College and career readiness has become a primary component of the national education agenda. Across the country, schools and districts define their success, in part, by equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in higher education, on the job and in life.

The Secret to College Success is a Bedtime!


As a college student, you’ve probably been inundated with advice from everyone from parents to older siblings to your RA. I get it – I’ve been there too. And to be perfectly honest, the first time someone told me to give myself a bedtime in college, I rolled my eyes. I was in college, after all. Isn’t college all about staying up late, having fun with friends and eating junk food? I was not going...

How to Study Using Dual Coding Infographic


Here’s an infographic about Dual Coding from the Learning Scientists. Dual Coding takes advantage of our brain’s natural orientation towards visual images. In fact, 60-70% of the human’s brain receptors geared for visual processing.

The Best Places to Make Friends in College


You’re at a new school, hoping to make friends that will turn into lifelong connections. So, where should you begin looking? What’s the key to finding these future lifelong pals? Location, location, location! There are so many great ways to meet friends in college but, the fact of the matter is, you’re a lot better of if you start looking in the right spots. Here are some of the top places you...

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