10 School Tips and Tricks for All Students


Here are 10 school and life hacks you can apply to your daily routine. Some are good for studying—like an app to access Wi-Fi codes in cafes and public places—or for helping you get to class on time. Hopefully these ideas will help you and your schoolmates!

10 Life Hacks for All Students


1. Use the Foursquare app for Wi-Fi access. Find out local Wi-Fi passwords in locations where you don’t know the passcode.

2. Set your class schedule as your screensaver or wallpaper on your phone. This way, you won’t be wasting time looking for your class schedule. This is more for the beginning of the semester, but it can help relieve stress by having the quick access on your phone all year.

3. Use shaving cream to remove makeup stains on your clothing. Try it and let me know if it works!

4. Before taking notes in a new notebook, leave the first couple of pages blank for a “table of contents.” Your notes will be much more organized!

5. Color-code the top of your school notebooks so they’re easy to grab when you get to class. Color each subject a different color with a marker on top to make things easier for you.

6. Go to KeepMeOut.com to remove or block social media websites. You may be tempted to go to social media apps or sites while studying. KeepMeOut temporarily blocks your Twitter or Facebook so you can focus!

7. Charge your phone faster. If you need to charge your phone quickly, change your settings to Airplane Mode and your cell will charge MUCH faster! Note: If you want to save your battery for a long day at school, keep it on “low power” mode.

8. If you’ve written an essay, copy and paste it into Google Translate. Once you paste your essay, click Play Back to listen to your essay to catch errors.

9. Use blue ink. People say you will remember information better because the ink is brighter than black ink. Try it!

10. Use Google Scholar. When doing research and using Google to look up information, switch to the more academic search engine called Google Scholar.

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